Saturday, February 22, 2014

Have you experienced any of these?

Do you live in India? Do you play Table Tennis in India? Do you play serious Table Tennis in India?

You are an Indian Table Tennis player if you have experienced at least 10 of these:

  1. You have played a match post 10 p.m.

  2. In a tournament, you arrive at the stadium at 7 am, find 100 players training and warming up on 8 tables and you try to figure out which table to play on and end up feeling confused.
  1. You know what TT-VOLLEY means and you love to bunk sessions once in a while and play it with all your heart and soul. 

  2. You get to know whom you are playing against just 10 minutes before the scheduled time of your match.

  3. You have used Mark V rubbers (if you were born before 1995).

  4. You travel in an unreserved/sleeper ticket for two days, arrive directly at the tournament venue (because the train was late) and play your match and in many cases, win!

  5. You wish Maria Sharapova played Table Tennis instead.
  1. Apart from English and Hindi you can understand (in some cases, speak) Bengali and Marathi.

  2. You warm up for your match, but the match gets delayed. You relax and you are cooled down. After an hour, you warm up again, ready to play, and the electricity goes off. You are cooled down again.

  3. You spend hours on Facebook.

  4. You were looked down by teachers all throughout the year because you missed school and dint submit assignments. Your classmates barely recognize you. You feel like an alien when you go to school. But still you manage to pass/get good grades studying only a month before the exams and you feel like Einstein.

  5. You have been to a mall in your tracksuits preferably STAG ones.

  6. You have a best friend living in a different state, who talks in a completely different language which you barely understand and speak.

  7. You have a sore throat in the National Championship because you cheered very loud for your team.

  8. When your were 12, you distributed sweets/chocolates/toffees in your club on occasions like wining a tournament or your birthday.

  9. You believe that A.Sharath Kamal is a Living Legend.

  10. You don't really mean the 'SORRY' when the ball touches the net or the edge of the table. You Thank God instead.

  11. You have/had 3 tables in your club and 20 players training on them at the same time.

  12. National Championship is THE MOST IMPORTANT tournament for you (even if you are an international player).
  1. The next person who calls you a tennis player by mistake should run for his life.