Sunday, September 14, 2014


To reach at the heighest level in table tennis, one needs  to be in the best of his/ her physical abilities. We Indians especially need to get stronger in terms of speed, agility, and power in the legs and strength in the core. Being physically strong gives you an extra edge over others, you move better on the table, you survive better during tensed situations and most importantly, it boosts your confidence level.
I m writing this from patiala where I m currently with the national team preparing for the upcoming Asian Games. The last week was quiet intensive as we worked on the physical fitness on the table in the mornings and off the table in the evenings.
I am sharing last  weeks fitness programme (through videos and pictures)which was given by Peter and hope you guys will like it and try it during your practice session.


Every morning finishing the session with footwork. choose any footwork exercise and do it for 5minsX 4 times. [Twice each for the one who is moving]



Target area: LEGS for speed and agility

1. Dribble on the spot and when commanded  left, quickly touch the corner of the table with right hand and vice versa. each set for approx {45 sec X 5 times} x 3 SETS [see video]

2. Lunge squat on the spot for 15 sec and then chair sitting 15 sec. - 1 minute X 3 SETS


Target area: core

All exercises for 30 sec each

1.Throwing medicine ball sideways 3 times each side [see video]

2. Boat pose 3 times

3. Crunches 3 times [see video]

4. Back strengthning 3 times each side

5. Superman 3 times


Off in the evening. But in the morning I did this:

Peter calls it, its table tennis football. A box full of multiball hes throwing in a rhythmetic speed and different heights and lengths. I need to hit each ball with my legs. This improves your footwork and short step movements essential to table tennis. Focus on the core to move better.


Target area: Legs for explosive power

1. Progressive jumps 3 times[see video]

2. Cone speed work 3 times[see video]

3.Jumping with medicine ball throw 3 times.[see video]


Target area: CORE

Same as the one on Tuesday


The beep teast, also callled the MULTISTAGE FITNESS test, is a killing one. The test includes running for 20 meters up and down. You need to reach 20 mts within the time given between 2 beeps. The time between 2 beeps gets reduced with each level you reach. Its gets tougher with each level especially after the 5th one. The heighest for the boys was done by G.Sathiyan reaching level 12.12 and girls by Manika Batra reaching level 9.4. I did level 8.2. This is a test of your speed, agility and endurance. We measured the heart rate and  mine went upto 110% with approximate 200 beats per minute. This just means I gave my best, and thats what it also measures. Its a test of will power, you need to beat yourself rather than competing with an opponent. The recovery was within half a minute. You can download it from the play store in android and apple. There are many options but the one which is paid (approx.1 euro) is the best one.




1. Stretching properly after each session
2. Sauna/ steam bath on wednesday and saturday
3. Massage on sunday
4. Drink lots of water

Rest and recovery are an essential part of the schedule and is as important as training. It allows your body to recover from the intensive training and keeps you injury free. Also makes you fresh to work again the next day.


A healthy and well balanced Diet is an essential part of a sportspersons life. If you are working out a lot and not refueling your body with the right amount of nutrients it needs, you will not recover well from the training. Infact, it could lead to injuries. We must keep ourselves away from junk food as much as possible. Proper intake of carbs and protiens is a must. And for women especially, do check your iron levels. As table tennis players, we mostly stay indoors, so our vitamin D levels could to be low. A thorough check up would be great to know if there is a deficiency and then take suppliments accordingly.

Hope you all enjoyed the programme like I did. I had a great weekend with good rest and awesome food and I cant wait for Monday to come and start working again!

Good luck! and enjoy Table Tennis!