Monday, April 6, 2015

13 Lines Indian Table Tennis players are used to hearing

       1. "Oh so you play TT, I m sure you don't need to do a lot of physical fitness to play this sport!"

Really? Try playing against a Chinese. And somebody take him to do the footwork exercises.!

Ma Long playing forehand from backhand extreme!

     2. "What do you do?"
    "I am a table tennis player"
  "Ya ya all that is fine, but what do you really do???!!!!"

   3.   “Had you played some other sport, you would have probably made some more money.”
Sorry uncles, but what if i was born to play table tennis? What if I would not be good enough in another sport? I love TT and I am glad what it gives me back. The scenario is changing and the future looks bright!

   4.  “Oh, well its hardly shown on TV, it’s not even famous”

Sad for India, that's all I can say that. In Europe and Asian countries including China, Japan and Korea people come in huge numbers to watch, tickets sold out many times.
A packed TT Stadium in China  

      5.   “But you really don’t need a lot of power!”
Really? Try playing against a defencer?

Hitting that will surely require power!

   6.   "What, you meant tennis right?"


     7.   "Oh isn’t that a hobby sport?"

   Sorry dude, we do serious sport here, and many of us have well respected jobs given only because it is considered professional and a few of our stars also play in leagues abroad and are paid. Oh, not to forget the medals we have won for the country!
GOLD MEDAL at the Delhi CWG

   8.  "Who's your idol?" "Sharath Kamal." "Sorry Who???"

        9.  "The game isn’t expensive I m sure, my tennis/badminton/cricket/squash/etc etc bat/racket is           ** grands!"
Really? A tenergy 64 rubber costs 4 grand and gets worn off after 1 tournament!


   10.  "You are quiet tall! Isn’t TT best for the short heighted?"

 Sharath Kamal is 6, Dimitrij Ovcharov is 6.1, Vladimir Samsonov is 6.2!

HAHAHA Yeah..!

   11. " Oh we also play TT at home; many times we use the dining table. Its quiet an easy game I m sure."

     12.  " Oh big deal! Looks quiet easy, you just have to send the ball on the other side right!"

Oh, quiet easy na guys? Especially the backspin which Shamini gives you. Or the flat kills Mouma hits, or maybe Amalraj's speed, yeah, quiet an easy job to send the ball to the other court, isnt it?

13. "Oh ya, we too play after office, its soooo refreshing and we don't even feel tired."

Somebody get him to a training session!!!


To all those who have said this or something similar to this-
We now have a day dedicated to our sport and us! Do you have something like that for your profession???