Sunday, October 26, 2014


Ever wondered how some players are able to beat the ones who are much higher ranked than them? They might not be as experienced as the other, sometimes not even stronger than the other, yet they do the impossible. 

 In the just concluded Men’s world cup, Aruna Quadri from Nigeria who is the current world no.73 beat world no.27 Kenta Matsudaira from Japan, world no.37 Shibaev Alexander from Russia and World no.16 Tang Peng from HongKong.  How did he do this? Of course he’s playing the best table tennis of his life at this point, but what’s that one quality that makes him beat these top ranked players?


Sharath Kamal and Subhajit Saha beat Ma Lin and Zhang Jike from China in Men Doubles round of 32 in the 2012 Asian Championship. How did they do this?

Again, it’s the clich├ęd SELF BELIEF.

In matches when we have to play against a higher ranked opponent, many a times we pay too much attention to the past records and rankings. Agree or no, most of us do. And that is the culprit. Rankings and records are just numbers. Because when you step inside the court, the game starts with love all. Both have an equal probability to win. But in your mind, if you give too much importance to the rankings and give enormous respect to the opponent (more than what is required) you have lost already even before starting the game. If you have worked really hard, but you fail to believe in yourself, you will waste all the effort you had made.

I truly believe that it doesn’t matter if you are up against the no.1 player in your district, state, country or the entire world,you must have the belief that you are going to win. Go to the match as a winner. To beat your opponent, regardless of his/her ranking. You first need to have that positive attitude, and then believe in yourself that you can really do it.

Look around yourself, maybe you too did something similar in the past, then what’s stopping you to do it all over again? The answer lies within you!

Many times even the coaches fail to show their confidence in their student. That’s really upsetting. When we are drawn up against any Chinese, or Korean or a Japanese, generally the player is told that “Oh it’s a tough match, so just go enjoy or just give your best”. Well of course we need to enjoy and give in our best, but what is most important is to show the belief that the player will win. It certainly makes a huge difference.

Table tennis is a short game. During the proceedings of the game you never know, one or two good shots from your side, one or two edge balls, an off day for the opponent and he/she is under pressure. 
Sport is beautiful. It gives equal opportunity to each and every player irrespective of his/ her ranking, country, religion, colour, or whatever bias one can think of.

Why not seize the opportunity?

Believe in yourself, you never know, you end up surprising yourself and that’s when miracles happen and that’s how history is created.


  1. Nice to read articles from a player by itself...:)
    Beating the high ranked opponent....usually called as an upset..Though it gives a confidence only few take this to next level to become champions
    Giving a best shot on loosing side is easy...
    So often new players in the circuit perform well on top seeds...They dont knew the opponents potential..
    But if the same player when he meets after a while knowing abt him he comes to pressure

  2. Vijay amritraj beat borg in a tournament....But Vijay Amritraj never stood in international Lawn Tennis Circuit.
    While on other side Champions take up confidence to other level once they win over top players..when federer beat samprass..
    there is no looking back... And same with the wawrinka or novak djokovic.They were above avg till when they dint beat federer..
    But the day they realized their potential they turned into champions.. So if ur a champion an upset can change ur game all the way.. else its a lucky win..
    Nobody can witness hidden potential until unless u show it.. So its almost impossible at any platform.. May be school meet,District,Nationals or Internationals..
    Players usually are down when they hear opponent from PSCB,West Bengal or tamil nadu... Now pointing out that mindset is the mental block for winning doesn't valid all the time