Sunday, July 10, 2016

34 questions to Sharath Kamal

Its been 2 years since I started writing. Somehow, I would always look forward to July 12. That's when I can celebrate by writing my heart out about my favorite athlete- Achanta Sharath Kamal. This is the day when the legend was born and being a loyal fan for the last 14 years, each year I seek different ways to express my admiration towards him. 

2 weeks back as I started to plan my strategy for this year, I felt it will be impossible to interview Sharath Kamal as the distance was humongous. Me living on the other side of the world when he on the other side is so busy preparing for his 3rd Olympics, an interview seemed next to impossible. 

I nevertheless, I ask him for a good time. 12 hours later, he was on a Skype call with me!

One of my questions to him was, " What makes you smile on a bad day?" Like you must have assumed by now, I too thought that "the sight of my daughter" would be his prompt answer. However, he adds, "Well my daughter is there, but, it is the people around me that make me happy. The worst thing I experience when I go to Europe is- you lose a match and you go to an empty house and you stare at walls, but when you have people around you whom you can talk to, not about the loss but anything else, that's what makes me happy."

This man amazes me each time I talk to him.

His simplicity, added to his honesty, makes me admire him over and over again. 

That is why his own rivals love him too. Other young men, might be able to beat him on the court sometimes, but, they too will never stop looking up to him as a role model. 

Only a man who has endured the worst can appreciate & respect "people" (of all statures).

Taking out an hour for me to do this interview while with family, truly explains why he is a people's person. (It actually took more than an hour for a 17 min interview because of some technical issues).

Well, for all us Sharath Kamal fans, its his existence that makes us happy. He, on any given day, no matter win or loss, continues to inspire us and make us fall in love with him over and over again.

That is why, from the deepest corner of our hearts, we wish him the best in his life ahead and a very Happy 34th Birthday!

That moment in 2010 CWG, the Tri Colour was raised high and the entire nation sang Jana Gana Mana- years of hard work flash by your moist eyes  

This year I chose to do a video interview. 

His thoughtfulness, honesty, willingness to reveal more about himself and most importantly, his time- are all testimony to the fact that how humble this legend his. 

Hope you all feel the same too. 

34 questions to the 34 year old Sharath Kamal.


  1. While Neha's voice comes crystal clear the same cannot be said of Sharath Kamals. Nice interview.